Day of The Week: Thursday

Elements: Fire & Water

Rules: Bankers, controlled change, creativity, debtors/creditors, dreams, expansion, gambling, generosity, good luck, growth, health, justice, lawyers, legal affairs, long journeys, material gain, mend things damaged by Saturn, money, prestige, wealth

Negative Aspects: Greed and wastefulness

Archangel: Sachiel

Colors: Deep purple and royal blue

Metal: Tin

Some Stones: Amethyst, Corundum, Lapis Lazuli

Some Herbs/oils: aloes wood, ambergris, benzoin, black copal, cardamom, cedar, fir, frankincense, galbanum, juniper, mace, oakmoss, orris, paradise seeds, pinon, poplar, saffron, sage

Qabalistic number: 4

Tarot Cards: The Wheel, Temperance, The Moon, Hierophant

Energy Center: Throat 

Zodiac: Pisces and Sagittarius 

Best times to work Jupiter magic: All day Thursday or any day in an hour of Jupiter except Saturday..

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