Day of The Week: Tuesday

Elements: Fire & Water

Rules: Aggression, ambition, anger, bravery, competition, construction and destruction, courage, fire, machinery, manual dexterity, overcoming enemies, physical vitality, police matters, perseverance, protection, protection against death in war, recovery from illness, sex drive, sports, surgery , upheaval, victory, violence, war, willpower

Negative Aspects: Anger, arguments, conflict, destruction, lust, strife, violence

Archangel: Samael

Colors: Red and scarlet

Metal: Iron and steel

Some Stones: Bloodstone, garnet, ruby, tourmaline and other red stones

Some Herbs/oils: Benzoin, cumin, dragon's blood, mustard, opopanax, pepper 

Qabalistic number: 5

Tarot Cards: Chariot, Death, Emperor, Strength, Tower

Energy Center: Base

Zodiac: Aries & Scorpio (traditional)

Best times to work Mars magic: All day Tuesday or an hour of Mars on any day except Monday and Saturday.

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