Day of The Week: Sunday

Element: Fire

Rules: Business partnerships, creativity, ego, enlightenment, exorcism, fame, favors from people in power, government officials, health, hope, insight into seeing the greater good, leadership, life, material achievements, mental clarity, peace, personal fulfillment, positive will, power and success, pride, prosperity, promotions at work, rational thought, recovery of lost property, regaining lost youth, self confidence, vitality, worldly ambition

Negative Aspects: Arrogance, bigotry and pride.

Archangel: Michael

Colors: Gold, orange, yellow

Metal: Gold

Some Stones: Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Diamond, Sandstone, Silicon, Tiger's eye, Topaz

Some Herbs/oils: Bay, cinnamon, frankincense, orange, orris, saffron 

Qabalistic number: 6

Tarot Cards: Judgement, Strength, The Sun

Energy Center: Solar plexus and spleen

Zodiac: Leo

Best times to work Sun magic: Sunday, or on a planetary hour of the Sun on any day except Tuesdays (Mars) and Saturdays (Saturn).



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