Day of The Week: Monday

Element: Water

Rules: Boats, creating change, child birth, conception, emotional issues, enlightenment, family, funding spiritual purpose, inspiration, intuition, magical magnetism and removal, magical magnetism and removal, matters of the home, personality, psychic ability, reincarnation, renewal of self image, revealing secrets, the subconscious mind, travel by sea, women

Negative Aspects: delusions

Archangel: Gabriel

Colors: Silver and White

Metal: Silver

Some Stones: Aquamarine, chalcedony, clear quartz, fluorite, marble, moonstone, mother of pearl, pearl, white opal

Some Herbs/oils: camphor, frankincense, jasmine, mugwort, rosemary, sandalwood, wormwood, ylang

Qabalistic number: 9

Tarot Cards: The Chariot, High Priestess, The Moon

Energy Center: Super crown

Zodiac: Cancer

Best times to work Moon magic: Monday and any day during the hour of the moon except Tuesday (Mars) and Saturday (Saturn).

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