Persephone, also known as Kore in her youthful aspect, is an essential figure in Greek mythology and plays a significant role in the realm of magick and witchcraft. As the goddess of springtime, growth, and the underworld, she embodies the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Her abduction by Hades and subsequent return to her mother, Demeter, has shaped various myths and rituals throughout history.

To connect with Persephone's divine energy, practitioners can engage in rituals involving offerings such as pomegranates, spring flowers, or crystals like carnelian. Chants, invocations, and visualizations focused on growth, transformation, and the cycle of life can help channel her energies effectively. Understanding the symbolism and significance of elements associated with Persephone, like the pomegranate representing her time in the underworld or spring flowers symbolizing her return to the earth, can deepen one's appreciation for her role in magickal practices.

In the context of magick, Persephone is closely linked to various domains such as growth, transformation, the underworld, and the cycle of life. Her influence can be harnessed for rituals and spellwork aimed at transition, rebirth, or connecting with the hidden aspects of oneself.

Rituals and spellwork invoking Persephone often incorporate elements that reflect her attributes, such as using pomegranate juice, seeds, or archetypal symbols to represent rebirth and renewal. By honoring and connecting with Persephone through these practices, practitioners can access her powerful energies and draw upon her wisdom in their spiritual journey.

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